JELCO is the original designer and manufacturer of non-electric mobile lift cases for 32"-90" flat screen displays. We've been providing mobile lift case solutions since 2002 with our EZ-LIFT®, RotoLift™, RotoLift™ Dual mobile video wall, and most recently the EZ-LIFT and   RotoLift Touch Tables. Each of these solutions provides a pre-mounted and cabled one or two person setup that can be completed within minutes.  As budgets are shrinking, choose JELCO to help you receive more use out of your displays.
  As government agencies modernize their displays, they are increasingly utilizing Jelco's COTS solutions to make their transition to HD imaging a success. By using JELCO’s mobile case solutions, users are able to easily take their HD displays to any location within a building, on post, or during deployment overseas or national emergencies. Whether the need is a single display, multi-touch table, video wall command center, or video conferencing, JELCO  has a mobile lift case solution that has been proven successful by more than 10 years of sales to the US and Canadian governments. Military grade options are available which utilize JELCO’s Milcote protective coating.

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             RotoLift Dual with EZ-LIFT Touch Table                                               RotoLift Dual Shown
                                                                                                                                    with Milcote Protective Coating

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Government & Military Applications of JELCO Products in use Worldwide

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