Customer Testimonials

One of our challenges with our product the TAG TECSLATE™ is its size. We partnered with JELCO to find an easy solution to raise the TAG TECSLATE™ and be able to rotate it from portrait to horizontal view without struggle. The product from JELCO we currently have is their RotoLiftTM [ELU-70R] case. It is a great solution for our needs. JELCO's services and attention to detail is top notch.
       Owner and CEO
       TAG Global Systems
 About the TAG TECSLATE:
The TAG TECSLATE™ is an interactive touchscreen flat panel device with an on-board Wi-Fi enabled Windows™ PC, touch, move, scroll, play, highlight, or draw your way to new experiences with TECSLATE Pro whiteboard software. The collaboration tool is the most intuitive way to communicate or teach. The device comes in two sizes 65-inch and 84-inch.

ok-state-cowgirls-basketball.jpg  ok-state-cowgirls-basketball-2.gif
The Jelco system [RotoLift] has been a tremendous resource for the player development side of our program.  We have used it at practice with some regularity.  GREAT teaching tool!!
     Video Coordinator
     Oklahoma State University Women’s Basketball

The RotoLift was very dependable all season and we never had any problems at all with it. It gets thrown around a lot between the planes and buses, but every time I opened it, it worked just like the last time I had closed it. It is also the right size in that it always fit underneath all the buses. Thank you for everything.
    Video Coordinator
    Cleveland Cavaliers 
We’ve tried other case suppliers and we’ve found your cases to be much sturdier than the competition – a little higher in price, but a much better value when relying on cases to ensure our equipment is safe in transit.
We had the honor of using a JELCO 70 inch EZ-LIFT during this year’s conference. We needed an additional screen to simply show some slides and an occasional video. Our booth evolved and the JELCO [EZ-LIFT EL-70] wound up as the center piece for our display. It was the first thing people saw when they walked in; it was a big hit! We loaded several briefings and a video; all played flawlessly. The video was set to revolve playing over and over.  Potential customers came in, sat down and were captivated by its [Sharp PN-L702B] size and clarity. I was surprised at how easy it was to move around and setup was a breeze. It clearly made our display far better and I look forward to using it again at future shows. Thanks for the support that JELCO has provided to the Northrop Grumman team!
We have been using the bags [JEL-1510CB and JEL-1810W] to travel to Job Fairs to present our software applications and allow users to apply for jobs on line.  The Governor has been excited to demonstrate his alternative “employment system” available to the public on-line in select community locations; these bags make that possible. 
It seems in every instance we won’t know until the last minute whether laptops are needed.  Your bags allow us to rapidly deploy the hardware needed.  It saves so much time and effort: just slap the laptops in the slots and we are ready to go in an instant.  There is enough storage to allow for cables, and a projector or surge protectors in the lower bag, and in the upper bag, we can organize literature to hand out to customers if we are not using it to carry a printer or projector.  The combinations for the “store and go” features are endless because of your design.  We can easily move the dividers in the upper bag depending on what we need to take. 
Additionally, sometimes we have to park quite far away.  Sometimes a loading zone is not available or impossible to use if only one person is assigned to a job fair.  Your bags on wheels made attending the job fairs possible.  Logistically, it works like a dream.  The extended stability bar allows a fully loaded bag to stand alone confidently in case the user has to stand in line.
These bags have saved us so much time and effort.  And boy-o-boy these bags are RUGGED.  We have used the bags for permanent storage for most of the laptops since last September.  That is about 100 lbs. of weight the bags handle constantly without sag, or distortion in any way.
You and your team did a great job.  Thanks again for creating these wonderful and rugged bags for us.
State Government Agency
  JELCO has supplied cases for several of our “on the go” projects for large clients. We have sent them from
  coast to coast numerous times. We've also shipped JELCO cases overseas to international locations, and the
  displays survived in desert conditions mounted to the EZ-LIFT system. The thought that JELCO puts into the
  final user’s application is what sets them apart from just another road case company. They have in the field
  experience both in the states and internationally, and know what it takes to make a case that will last on the
  road and in the field with good and sometimes rough handlers. I trust JELCO to deliver exactly what they
  promise, every time. With several years of using JELCO EZ-LIFT cases and custom cases, we have yet to have a delayed delivery or dissatisfying product.
 Dan P.
 GMR Marketing
sharp-2.jpgsharp-1.jpg sharp-3.jpg
We sold this 70” Jelco EZ-LIFT display to a large client just as you see it and we will be ordering more for sure. Our customer is ecstatic to see such a functional road show bundle with our PNL702B interactive touch screen display and your Jelco 70 EZ-LIFT [EL-70] case. We provided the perfect solution for the client when they did not know such products existed. The combination high-end technology of Sharp’s new 70” interactive whiteboard display and the rugged functionality of the Jelco EL-70 enclosure made for such a great demo that they refused to wait for us to place their order and insisted that we provide them with our road show demo unit. When we get our next Jelco enclosure back in house our entire sales team is already planning to do our own traveling road show again. We have a sales close rate on individual on site demos of our Sharp PN-L702B better than 50%!!! It makes quite the impression to show our products in the clients own conference rooms and training centers. This simply would not be possible or practical without the Jelco enclosure your company provided to us. My sales team thanks you. Keep up the great work!!
  Don L.
  Sharp Business Systems
 When my client asked me if we could make his 55" size touchscreen monitor portable, I initially thought that this would be impossible, or too complicated for his application (courtroom).  Other so-called "solutions" only offered cases with minimal protection and a lot of effort to get the monitor out of the case.  When I discovered the JELCO RotoLift [ELU-56R], it was the only real solution to my needs.  Here is a rugged, durable case made in the USA, that has effortless hydraulic lift technology, and maximum portability.  Instead of horizontal cases, which would have been hard to get around corners and on elevators, they actually had a vertical case with a rotating monitor feature!  Great product, great design, and excellent customer service, not to mention custom manufacturing as well.  I would highly recommend JELCO over any competitor, any time, any day. 
koreimagelogo1.jpg   Alex S.
   Managing Partner
   Kore Image
I can’t say enough good things about the RotoLift [ELU-56R] cases. They look great, and they make transferring our equipment [60" LED's] from property to property so easy. They are also a lot of fun to use, and the hotel is thrilled with our ability to easily display vertical images.
swank-logo.jpg  Alex L.
  Director of Audio Visuals
  Swank Audio Visuals at the Hudson New York
 four-winds-interactive.jpg  four-winds-interactive2.jpg 
I work for a rapidly growing company located in Denver, CO that specializes in digital signage. Once known as Four Winds Trading Company, now known as Four Winds Interactive, we are the industry leaders in digital signage, providing the latest and greatest projects for clients in all different forms of business ranging from casinos, hotels, restaurants, manufacturing, and virtually any form of business one can think of. The company has grown exponentially in the last year, more than doubling in employees and showing no sign of slowing down.
 There is no doubt in my mind that we owe a great deal of our success to Jelco. Our company takes a very strong stance on letting our product do the talking – we do this by providing real examples to our prospective clients by going to their location and showing them our work. This simply would not be possible without our Jelco RotoLift units. Time and time again, we receive overwhelmingly positive feedback on how impressive our presentations are. The Jelco cases allow us to present our product on all sorts of screen sizes, ranging from our 32” examples and even up to our 55” monster units. The RotoLift units allow us to show both our horizontally and vertically oriented projects on the same display – it’s as simple as rotating the screen, which in itself is pretty impressive to someone watching. The term “wow factor” has become an industry buzzword, but I sincerely mean it when I say that the Jelco RotoLift units are THE wow factor in our operations.
 I am responsible for the maintenance and care of our Jelco units here at Four Winds Interactive. We put very, very severe demands on them – constantly shipping them all across the country, sometimes from location to location without a chance for the unit to come back to our home base for a while. They have stood the test of time, and I guarantee that no one else is as hard on them as we are. They have virtually zero downtime, and are always out on the road. The few times that I have encountered an issue with them, Jelco’s support has been simply outstanding. I’ve yet to encounter another company where I can call up the president himself and have him personally address my issue. Jelco stands behind their product, and they’re a shining beacon of great American business.
Josh M.
Equipment Manager
Four Winds Interactive

nationalparkservice1.jpg         national-park-service-rotolift-4.jpg   national-park-service-rotolift-6.jpg
When the US National Park Service needed a portable solution to bring its 3D educational productions to visitor centers and classrooms across the country, Jelco was there to support us. The original concept was to produce traveling underwater 3D documentary films to both expand the boundaries of our National Parks but also engage and immerse the public in a variety of venues. Jelco was a huge part in turning that concept into a reality. Every step of the way Jelco has been there to listen to feedback on design and product improvements and even work with us to integrate custom options to support our 3D media players and audio output. The result has been a incredibly durable, yet very agile and portable shipping and display solution that has greatly exceeded our expectations. Our Jelco RotoLifts have been on the road with us nearly nonstop over the past year and have seen live aboard ships, remote island locations, dive shows, professional conferences, boy scout presentations and several classrooms with no end in sight.
Brett S.
AV Production Specialist
National Park Service Submerged Resources Center
I just wanted to say thank you for returning my phone call yesterday. I was about to purchase something completely irrelevant to what I was looking for. With your quick response and effective customer service you’ve helped me greatly so for that I Thank You! The simple design of this [RotoLift ELU-42R] case makes for smooth, one-man transportation through-out our tight hallways and allows for even easier storage taking up a small foot print. The ease in setting this up in a limited amount of time goes with-out saying. This is by-far an impressive, all-in-one protective and storage design that all clients have been amazed by. “It’s hard to believe that a Plasma TV is actually in there.” “That is so cool!” Those are a very few comments my team or I hear when setting this up. I’m hopeful to make a few more Jelco purchases in the 2011 year for some of our TVs we have recently added to our inventory.  Thank you once again!
hyatt-regency-on-capital-hill.jpg swank-logo.jpg      
Daniel L.,  Technical Coordinator
SWANK AUDIO VISUALS at the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill
houston-airport.jpg el-70-with-drapery-houstonairport.jpg
The Rotolift singles and mobile video wall [RotoLift Dual] have been used for various purposes from entertainment of passengers to wayfinding to digital signage as well as special events.  In my opinion, the units have performed well and continue to operate without any problems. In my opinion, the units are solid, well engineered and hold up to daily use in an airport environment.
Ulf L.
Houston Airport System  
The Centre acquired an innovative ROTOLIFT™ case system that makes transport and use of a flat-panel display practical in a department that has limited manpower. ROTOLIFT™ case system not only protects the screens during transport but its gas lift system is ideal for rapid setup by one person. While the technology allows for the screens to be easily deployable the University has quickly discovered how useful the technology can be. At a recent meeting a presenter wanted to give a detailed presentation on Apple’s Color software to about 50 people. In a normal colour correction environment an operator employs two monitors, one provides the software interface, while the second is used to make the critical colour evaluation. The two ROTOLIFT™ systems worked perfectly for the presentation.....The systems themselves are finding a growing number of uses. They are a key Presentation Technology element required by its “Mixed Reality Production Cluster” environment of flexible media classrooms. See full story
Ryerson University
Program Director, Operations and Technology, Rogers Communication Centre
Toronto, ON CANADA
Your case is a one of a kind. It has been flying with me for almost 10 years, carrying 70 pounds of tools all over N. America, the only one that survived TSA for that long that I know. Proves that your cases are wisely designed and well made. I strongly recommend.
 Ivan N.

 Trumpf Laser TCA
JELCO ATA cases have proven to be durable shipping cases for our monitors and exhibit materials. We exhibit at more than 10 events per year, so having a reliable protective case that can withstand the rigors of shipping is an absolute must.
net-world-alliance-logo.jpgJason A.
Event & Meeting Manager
Networld Alliance
When I look for road cases that will hold up under constant travel and numerous events, I turn to JELCO,Inc. JELCO has provided Spevco with the best quality road cases for many mobile marketing tours. I can honestly say that your cases hold up like no other case on the market. 
The 8 custom cases that you built for the DirecTV Sale and Save Tour worked excellent. Your team showed great accuracy and dedication in manufacturing them in the short amount of time that we had. Thank you for excellent workmanship and commitment on helping Spevco provide the best quality products to our customers.
  Steven N.
  VP of Information Technology
  Spevco, Inc.
We couldn’t ask for a better solution to display our technology at all of our tradeshows, expo’s and “road” presentations than the Rotolift Shipping and Display Case. This unit makes our travel and set-up as easy as pie. At this point we don’t venture out to a presentation or attend a tradeshow without having at least one, if not numerous, Rotolift units on-site.
With its ease of movement and quick set-up time, hooking up our PC’s and Enabl3D Display’s to showcase our technology and content was a “no-complication” process every time! The cover lids also came in handy as a make-shift countertop which was perfect for displaying our brochures and reading material. Hands down, JELCO makes the best display cases in the business and we can always trust our high-end 3D displays will remain safe and sound from pick up to delivery. Thanks so much to everyone at JELCO!!!
James Z. 
Magnetic 3D
I just wanted to take the opportunity to share with you and JELCO how pleased we are with our EZ-LIFT® Case. When I first saw the case, I thought it was a great idea and couldn't wait to order one for our hotel. We replaced our old bulky 37 inch AV monitor and cart with a 42 inch flat LCD monitor in the EZ-LIFT Case. The ease of set up and removal is amazing; I no longer have that fear that something is going to damage our monitor due to the self contained storage case. Our customers are just as impressed by the presentation the EZ-LIFT Case makes when being used in a meeting with the skirting.
Thank you for a great product!
  Ed B.
  Marriott Residence Inn
  Waukegan, IL
 dallas-mavericks-locker-room.jpg     dallas-mavericks-court-shot.jpg
Just wanted to send a huge thank you to the whole staff at JELCO.  We just completed our first season with the RotoLift travel case for our 46" LCD TV that we use on the road to watch film with the Mavericks.  With 82 games plus the playoffs, an NBA season is long.  Add to that all of the travel and game schedules, having a quality set-up to watch film for the team and coaches is a key to success. 
Whether it is setting up on the court in an arena, a locker room or team meeting room, the JELCO RotoLift came thru with flying colors all season long.  There wasn't one trip all season that we didn't use the TV/case in at least two different settings.  With its ease of movement and quick set-up time, hooking up our computers to the TV to show film was a no-nonsense process every time!  The cover lids also came in handy as a make-shift desk when necessary. All-in-all, the JELCO RotoLift was a 1st team all-league player for the Dallas Mavericks!  Thanks again!
 Mike S.
 Video Coordinator
 Dallas Mavericks
win-interactive-5-1.jpg        win-interactive-3.jpg
I just needed to tell you AGAIN how impressed we are with the JELCO EZ-LIFT. We had a video interview yesterday, and we converted their conference room into a production studio for about 2 hours.   After the interviews, our crew cleared out all the lighting, backdrops, camera's, microphones within 20 minutes, and we rolled in two 52" LCD screen to present to the team of trial attorneys the most recent stuff we have been working on.  It was just amazing how we were able to go from production studio to business meeting in a matter of minutes.
With the EZ-LIFT, presenting evidence to a judge, jury, arbitrator or mediator hasn't been easier.  The mobility of our 52" LCD displays allows our lawyers tell their story in a clear and effective way.  Bringing this type of technology into the courtroom redefines the way cases are tried, and the EZ-LIFT has made that possible.   
    Multimedia Specialist
    WIN Interactive, Inc.

  gactv-tour-rotolift-1.jpg  trace-adkins-am-tour-chatt-050-cc-1.jpg
What we found was a [JELCO] shipping case that had a hydraulic lift inside, so we could use the monitor without transferring it to another stand...[RotoLift} looked attractive and made it look like a professional operation.
footer-logo.gif  Scott D.
  Vice President, Marketing
  Great American Country
 I thank you for the two plasma cases [JEL-PDP42T3] you offered me and which I purchased for Marco.  They were delivered promptly and without incident to the exhibit hall as requested.  I was very pleased to see them waiting for me.  They were in even better condition then I had imagined they would be.  I applaud you and your company for such high care of your product and customers.  Such professionalism is rare and must be recognized.
 Hindrik D.
 Ophthalmic Technician
 Marco Ophthalmic, Inc.
 It's hard to think how we ever survived without the JELCO EZ-Stand, it has brought our events to the next level and offers unmatched quality, flexibility and user friendliness.With its low profile casters and tilting frame, the EZ-Stand allows one individual to easily move the confidence monitor and adjust in minutes. A huge time saver when multiple monitors are in play and need to be moved and positioned to the clients liking.  Don't know where we would be without them!
 Nathan M.
 QC Operations Manager
 Cramer Digital Marketing & Events Solutions
The EZ-LIFT® cases are exactly what we wanted.  They're great to have, mobile and our customers like them. We're using them for convention services, for customers who request plasma screens in meeting rooms and trade show booths.
The EZ-LIFT® does a good job of protecting our plasmas from damage by our technicians, by my own workers, or just by clumsy clients. When you have as much equipment as we do and you're lacking storage space, you'd better store it in a secure box. And that's probably the most secure box you can possibly find.
The drapery kit, too, is good. The case, with drapery, seems to be what people expect to see without buying a real fancy wood cabinet. It's perfect.
My hat goes off to JELCO for even coming up with something like this.
Sonny M., Audio Visual Manager
Monte Carlo Resort and Casino
Las Vegas , NV
The EZ-LIFT® case is a wonderful thing inside of a hotel or convention type of facility. A single individual can just push it into the meeting room, easily raise the plasma, skirt the case and go on to the next one.  It protects the plasma from mishandling and all our staff likes it. It truly is good in every aspect. 
Doug K.
Sales Director
AV-PRO, Inc.
Seattle , WA 

We're military contractors. We create video presentations that the Air Force Research Laboratory uses to demonstrate projects and programs that they're working on.  A number of different research groups take our EZ-LIFT® case and plasma display to expos and briefings all over the United States .
We find that this case is far superior over what we had before, which was a custom case that was not sturdy enough and not self-contained. It was easy for trade show handlers to damage the equipment--at one show they ran a fork lift through the plasma screen. The JELCO case has pretty well resolved all of those issues.
We modified the case so we could mount our computer inside, plus a touch screen, a pen tray, speakers and a number of other pieces along with the plasma screen. We found it very easy to modify. We found that the construction was high grade and fully capable of holding up the heavy weight of the plasma that we use. All in all, the quality and the craftsmanship and even the cost of the case is very commendable.
Everyone that's seen this case has nothing but good things to say about it. I was directed to purchase a shipping case by my Director. He didn't specify a brand name, so I explored a number of different sources and settled on JELCO's. I'm glad I did, because it's proven to be a superior product.
  Kenny R.
  Digital Media Supervisor
  Applied Research Associates, Inc.
  Panama City, Florida
Wanted to let you know that we ordered two EZ-LIFTs for our 42" plasma displays, and they are simply awesome! Our dept. (A/V Services) supports the company with many, many small and large scale presentations. Up until we went with plasmas, we did everything off of 32", 36" and 40" TV's on carts. Moving these across the company or even the country for company presentations was hard on the gear (and our staff.) What a world of difference when we went to plasmas and put them into EZ-LIFTs!
First, these expensive large monitors are now very safe from any damage (physical or from the elements). Transporting the monitors is a piece of cake as the case is well built and very stable for rolling around. Now, when we need to use them, we simply "pop the cover", pull a pin, the plasma rises out of the case and is ready for the show. The dress kits for the case mean that our plasmas are "show ready". When we're done we pull the pin, pull the plasma down, and put the cover back on and it's ready to go. Our set-up time for the plasmas (utilizing EZ-LIFT®) is about 30 seconds!
Thank you for an awesome product!! Life just became a little simpler.
Daniel S.
Audio/Visual Services Manager
The Longaberger Company
I can’t say enough good things about the roto cases. They look great, and they make transferring our equipment from property to property so easy. They are also a lot of fun to use, and the hotel is thrilled with our ability to easily display vertical images.