Start the season out right. Switch from a projector and screen to an HDTV with JELCO RotoLift™ case that can be easily wheeled from team video room to courtside during practice to coaches’ offices for scouting. You will no longer have to worry about correct lighting or connecting cables each time if you move the setup to multiple locations.  The RotoLift allows the TV to remain mounted and wired in the case, while connected to a surge protected power strip. When not in use, the TV is protected from damage, and can be setup and ready for use in 5 minutes or less.


See the ROTOLIFT in action


JELCO can customize the solution based on your needs, with models to fit HDTV’s up to 70”. If you already own a display, the ROTOLIFT case can be optimized for the exact specifications, and allow you to get more use out of the gear that you already own. When the season is over, the display can be mounted on a wall until next season when it needs to be moved around again.

Join the growing team of Professional & Collegiate Video Coordinators that have already chosen RotoLift for watching game film on the road. Teams across multiple sports and varying levels can attest that the innovative ROTOLIFT makes transport, protection, and use of a LED both practical and cost-effective.

 Using a Projector?

Jelco can even provide solutions for mobile projection needs as well, ranging from portable projectors and screens, to carrying cases that will protect your investment.