Digital Signage



Digital Signage is an ever increasing form of communication that is seen everywhere from retail stores, entertainment events, restaurants, education environments, casinos, as well as your local bank and the government. Basically everywhere you go there is an opportunity to see and take advantage of the content being provided whether the intent is to entertain, inform, or provide directional guidance.

Many digital signage providers find the ability to have a mobile solution that is easily moved into many locations to be the most cost effective as it allows for digital signage on demand at any location. The same video wall can be used in one wing of the airport and a completely different location the next day or even the same day!  Check out Houston Airport's  statement on the Testimonial page. Click the Testimonial button below.

A mobile digital signage solution also provides the ability to test the prime locations to achieve the goals of the organization. 

JELCO is the original designer and manufacturer of non-electric mobile lift cases for flat screen displays.  We've been providing mobile lift case solutions since 2002 with our EZ-LIFT®, RotoLift™, RotoLift™ Elite, and most recently, the RotoLift™ Dual mobile video wall. Each of these  solutions provides a pre-mounted and cabled one or two person setup that can be completed within minutes. Say goodbye to lengthy setups requiring a large staff of people and the possibility for injury while lifting heavy components. With the current economy, we can all use a little more time in our day and resources in the bank.

Let JELCO provide a mobile digital signage solution to fit your needs.

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