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If you are doing rentals or selling to hotels/conference centers, you know that display gear is fragile and needs adequate protection when not in use or when moved between locations.JELCO padded covers are top sellers in this market to protect displays from dust or damage to the glass while mounted on the wall or a floor stand.For large format projectors with multiple lens options, JELCO ATA cases are the perfect storage solution.

To better protect a flat screen, choose a RotoLift lift case. The display can be protected in the case when not in use, and setup, ready to go in minutes for use indoors or even outside at the hotel pool. The small form factor of the RotoLift case is conducive to small storage rooms or elevators.

JELCO Padded Covers and Accessories

The EZ-LIFT® cases are exactly what we wanted....We're using them for convention services, for customers who request plasma screens in meeting rooms and trade show booths.

The EZ-LIFT® does a good job of protecting our plasmas from damage by our technicians, by my own workers, or just by clumsy clients. When you have as much equipment as we do and you're lacking storage space, you'd better store it in a secure box. And that's probably the most secure box you can possibly find.... My hat goes off to JELCO for even coming up with something like this.  More

Sonny Maxwell
Audio Visual Manager,
Monte Carlo Resort and Casino, Las Vegas , NV