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As government agencies modernize their displays, they are increasingly utilizing Jelco's COTS solutions to make their transition to HD imaging a success. By using JELCO’s mobile case solutions, users are able to easily take their HD displays to any location within a building, on post, or during deployment overseas or national emergencies. Whether the need is a single display, multi-touch table, video wall command center, or video conferencing, JELCO has a mobile lift case solution that has been proven successful by more than 10 years of sales to the US and Canadian governments. Military grade options are available which utilize JELCO’s Milcote protective coating.

JELCO is the original designer and manufacturer of non-electric mobile lift cases for 32"-90" flat screen displays. We've been providing mobile lift case solutions since 2002 with our EZ-LIFT®, RotoLift™RotoLiftDual mobile video wall, and most recently the EZ-LIFT and RotoLift Touch Tables. Each of these solutions provides a pre-mounted and cabled one or two person setup that can be completed within minutes.  As budgets are shrinking, choose JELCO to help you receive more use out of your displays.

RotoLift Dual and Tilt Table    Milcote Dual 2x2Milcote Dual Closed

RotoLift Dual with EZ-LIFT Touch Table                           RotoLift Dual Shown
                                                                                  with Milcote Protective Coating


        Mllcote CMPT Tilt   Milcote CMPT Flat Milcote CMPT in use

                                RotoLift Touch Table with Milcote Protective Coating



                                                  EL-65 EZ-LIFT

                                             EZ-LIFT Available for 37"-98" Displays


                       RotoLift               RotoLift Low
                                             RotoLift Available for 32"-70" Displays



White House Twitter Town Hall  

RotoLift Dual Tent      RotoLift Dual in TOC 

         CMPT in use         EZ-LIFT with SMART Board in tent


National Park Service 1      National Park Service 2

         National Park Service 5                      National Park Service 6

When the US National Park Service needed a portable solution to bring its 3D educational productions to visitor centers and classrooms across the country, Jelco was there to support us. The original concept was to produce traveling underwater 3D documentary films to both expand the boundaries of our National Parks but also engage and immerse the public in a variety of venues. Jelco was a huge part in turning that concept into a reality. Every step of the way Jelco has been there to listen to feedback on design and product improvements and even work with us to integrate custom options to support our 3D media players and audio output. The result has been a incredibly durable, yet very agile and portable shipping and display solution that has greatly exceeded our expectations. Our Jelco RotoLifts have been on the road with us nearly nonstop over the past year and have seen live aboard ships, remote island locations, dive shows, professional conferences, boy scout presentations and several classrooms with no end in sight.

National Park Service

EL-70 Sharp #3

EZ-LIFT EL-70 and EL-29 Drape Kit Shown with Sharp PN-L702B

We had the honor of using a JELCO 70 inch EZ-LIFT during this year’s conference. We needed an additional screen to simply show some slides and an occasional video. Our booth evolved and the JELCO [EZ-LIFT EL-70] wound up as the center piece for our display. It was the first thing people saw when they walked in; it was a big hit! We loaded several briefings and a video; all played flawlessly. The video was set to revolve playing over and over.  Potential customers came in, sat down and were captivated by its [Sharp PN-L702B] size and clarity. I was surprised at how easy it was to move around and setup was a breeze. It clearly made our display far better and I look forward to using it again at future shows. Thanks for the support that JELCO has provided to the Northrop Grumman team!

Northrop Grumman Logo

Houston Airport EL-70       Houston Airport EL-70 TSA

             Houston Airport       Houston Airport RotoLift Dual                        

The Rotolift singles and mobile video wall [RotoLift Dual] have been used for various purposes from entertainment of passengers to wayfinding to digital signage as well as special events.  In my opinion, the units have performed well and continue to operate without any problems. In my opinion, the units are solid, well engineered and hold up to daily use in an airport environment.

Houston Airport System


All of JELCO's products are proudly Made in the USA.

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Federal Supply Schedule Class:581
Contract Number: GS-03F-0008L
Cage Code: 3EBX7
Contract Period: 11/14/2010 - 11/13/2015
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