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JELCO Launches EZ-LIFT® for 80 inch Flat Screen

Wed June 13, 2012

Announcing our largest EZ-LIFT to date - fits an 80" Display!


Shown above with the SHARP PN-L802B Interactive display

Since launching the EZ-LIFT® line in 2003, JELCO has continued to expand and enhance our line of flat screen lift cases. We now offer solution for 26"-80" displays!

As display sizes have grown and costs have diminished, large format displays are now affordable for use in many new applications. JELCO's goal is to allow customers to get the most ROI out of their display purchases, and allow them to be utilized for numerous applications. You no longer need to hang a display on the wall, and bring the people to the display. The display can safely and easily be rolled to where the people are gathered without requiring the time to set up a stand!

The EZ-LIFT is a shipping case and display stand all in one! To raise the display into viewing position, remove the lids and pull the lever. The display easily raises up into position and is ready for use. The EZ-LIFT is a pneumatic lift, so there is no electricity required or parts to burn out.

EZ-LIFT is ideal for rapid-setup applications including: mobile marketing, digital signage applications, tradeshows, rentals, corporate conference rooms, military installations, video conferencing, classroom use, hospitality, courtrooms and more.

Visit us at InfoComm at Booth #N1228 in the North Hall to see EZ-LIFT in action

or contact us for more information!


What Our Customers Are Saying about EZ-LIFT...

EL-70 Sharp  EL-70 Sharp #3

We sold this 70” Jelco EZ-LIFT display to a large client just as you see it and we will be ordering more for sure. Our customer is ecstatic to see such a functional road show bundle with our PN-L702B interactive touch screen display and your Jelco 70 EZ-LIFT [EL-70] case. We provided the perfect solution for the client when they did not know such products existed.

The combination high-end technology of Sharp’s new 70” interactive whiteboard display and the rugged functionality of the Jelco EL-70 enclosure made for such a great demo that they refused to wait for us to place their order and insisted that we provide them with our road show demo unit. When we get our next Jelco enclosure back in house our entire sales team is already planning to do our own traveling road show again.

We have a sales close rate on individual “on site” demos of our Sharp PN-L702B better than 50%!!! It makes quite the impression to show our products in the clients own conference rooms and training centers. This simply would not be possible or practical without the Jelco enclosure your company provided to us. My sales team thanks you. Keep up the great work!!

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